Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cundhi Guan Yin

Cundhi Avalokitesvara

Cundhi bodhisattva is an incarnation of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara himself, to aid even more sentient beings in the samsara. Cundhi is also known as Zhun Ti in Chinese Buddhism, and is considered a Bhagavati(female buddha) in Mahayana. Cundhi is known for her awesome supernatural powers and is the chief of all merits in the lotus court. Her mantra is one of the supreme mantras taught by Sakyamuni Buddha. If anyone chants, all their defilments will cleared, all sickness be healed, suffering be ceased, fortune gained, and long livity. One will also not get into the path of evil and be born in the lower realms. Bad karmas will lessen and life will be protected. Cundhi's mantra is also well known for protection against supernatural forces and eradicating disasters. All benifits are in this mantra if one is able to chant sincerely and without negative thoughts. Here goes her mantra:

Om Nam (mantra for pure dharma world)

Om Hrih ( protection against supernatural forces)

Om Mani Pad me Hum (mantra of chenrezig)

Namo Saptanam

Samyaksambuddhaya Koptinam

Tadyatha OM

Cale cule cundhi svaha (pronounciatiion: ka lay ku lay kun dhe so ha )


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