Saturday, March 3, 2012

Earth Store Bodhisattva

Earth Store Bodhisattva ( Di Zang Wang Pu Sa) is one of the four great bodhisattvas in the world. He saves the hell beings from torture and brings them to the path of bodhi. In Theravada, his counterpart is Phra Malai, a buddhist arahat who is said to have appeared in hell saving hell beings. Many buddhists have put them as the same identity. Earth Store Bodhisattva is also depicted in taoist mythology as a saviour of hell realm. He protects the dharma and beings as well.


Those who are said to pay Homeage to him and practice buddhism faithfully are said to have these effects:

1. They will be protected by devas and dragons.
2. Their ability to do good will be increased.
3. Opportunities for doing good will increase.
4. They will strive to attain Buddhahood.
5. They will enjoy sufficiency of food and clothing.
6. They will be free from diseases.
7. Floods and fire will not affect them.
8. Robbers will not trouble them.
9. They will be respected and admired by people.
10. Spirits and devas will protect and assist them.
11. Females shall be reborn as males.
12. The females will become daughters of noble and exalted families.
13. They will be reborn with good complexion.
14. They will be reborn in the heavens for many lives.
15. They will be reborn as kings or rulers of countries.
16. They will have wisdom to recollect their past lives.
17. They will be successful in all their aspirations.
18. They will enjoy happy family relationships.
19. Disasters will not affect them.
20. Their bad karma will be removed.
21. Wherever they go, they are safe.
22. They shall always have peaceful dreams.
23. Their deceased relatives shall be free from sufferings.
24. They will be reborn with happiness.
25. They will be praised by divine beings.
26. They will be intelligent and skilful.
27. They will have compassion for others.
28. They will finally attain Buddhahood.

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